Holiday Makeup Routine

Hi guys! You all seemed to like my fall makeup routine so much so I decided to do a holiday makeup routine! The holidays are my favorite time of year (if you couldn’t tell already) and I love doing my makeup to match the season. I tend to do a bright lip so I make my eyes more natural but spice it up with a wing liner.


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Winter Essential: Fancy Jacket for the Holidays

Hi guys! Can you believe that today is my last installment of my winter essentials series? It seems like winter has come so fast this year and I am pulling out all my cozy sweaters and jackets trying to keep up with the cold; we even had our first snow fall the other day! But, today I wanted to share with you a winter essential that is perfect for the holiday season:

F  A  N  C  Y    J  A  C  K  E  T  S

And I am not talking about any old fancy jackets…no I am talking about fuzzy and sparkly! While they may, or may not, add any extra warmth to your outfit, they certainly will add the little something extra you need for the holiday season!

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Holiday Outfit Ideas

Hi guys! The holidays are so soon and I hope you all are ready. I think I love this time of year the most between spending time with family and also the magic of the season. Also, getting all dressed up isn’t a bad thing either 🙂 That is why today I am bringing you

O  U  T  F  I  T    I  D  E  A  S    F  O  R    T  H  E    H  O  L  I  D  A  Y

I stayed on the more casual side since that is what my family does around the holidays but I added fun little pieces whether it be shoes or accessories to dress the outfits up. There is nothing better than being all cozy drinking hot coco and eating Christmas cookies!

So, lets go

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Friday Fives: November Instagram Roundup

Hi guys! To say November was a rough month for me is an understatement but, everything is just up from here! I kind of went MIA from my Instagram account and wasn’t really posting too many outfit updates. Couple everything that went on with getting my wisdom teeth out, it was kind of weak. So, I thought instead of sharing just a normal Friday Fives or a normal monthly Instagram roundup I would combine the two to bring to you…

F  R  I  D  A  Y    F  I  V  E  S  :  N  O  V  E  M  B  E  R    I  N  S  T  A  G  R  A  M    E  D  I  T  I  O  N

I figured I would break everything down into categories; favorite outfit, favorite dress, favorite jacket, ect… I hope you guys enjoy this post!

Lets go

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Small Batch Cinnamon Rolls

Hi guys! Today I have such an exciting post for you. Every holiday my parents would always make cinnamon rolls for my brother and I. This is a tradition that I still carry out today (even though I am back home). But, now that I am older and realize that maybe I should eat two cinnamon rolls, I knew we needed fewer cinnamon rolls. So I bring to you

S  M  A  L  L    B  A  T  C  H    C  I  N  N  A  M  O  N    R  O  L  L  S


This recipe only makes four rolls so it is perfect for a small family! If you need more, you can always double the recipe! I made these for Thanksgiving and my dad has already asked if I am going to make them for Christmas day as well (which of course I am).

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Winter Essentials: Cable Knit Sweaters

Hi guys! Is it getting cold where you are? Last week we had a warmish spell but, I think we are starting to get into the cold and stay cold for good. That is why I am so excited to share this post with you all today. I love wearing sweaters during the winter to stay warm (duh) but I also love finding ways to dress them up. So today I bring to you…

J    A    Z    Z        U    P        A        C    A    B    L    E        K    N    I    T

There are so many ways to jazz them up but today I am sharing with you my two favorite ways to do so.

So, lets get into it!

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Pet Gift Guide

Hi guys! Hopefully your holiday preparation is well underway and you are on the tail end of things (or if you’re not like me, you could just be starting and in that case…good luck!). Sometimes our furry best friends can get over looked during the hustle and bustle of the season. So that’s why today I am sharing with you…

P    E    T        G    I    F    T        G    U    I    D    E        2    0    1    7

All of these items were found on (it is not sponsored but Chewy if you want to I’ll be here waiting).

So lets go!

pet gift guide

1 Funny Dog Toy

2 Cat Tunnel

3 Self Heating Pad

4 Cat Window Seat

5 Light Up Leash

6 Hidden Cat Litter Planter

I hope you guys enjoyed and were able to come up with some ideas for your furry friends!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my gift guides for men and women! I’ll be sure to talk to you soon.


Women’s Gift Guide 2017

Hi guys! I hope you are having a great week so far. I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so I wanted to make sure that I had this post up before I was out for the count. The holiday season is my favorite time and mainly for the aspect of getting others gifts and picking out the perfect thing for them. But, sometimes that can be hard. So today I bring to you…

W    O    M    E    N    S        G    I    F    T        G    U    I    D    E        2    0    1    7

Whether you are shopping for your sister, mom, girlfriend, fiancé, wife, whatever I hope this gives you some ideas.

So, lets go

womens gift guide

1 Lipstick Kit

2. Scarf

3. Pajama Set

4. Fun Boots

5. Candle

6. Book

I hope this has given you some inspiration for the women in your life and has made holiday shopping easier for you!

Be sure to check out my mens gift guide if you haven’t already and I will be sure to talk to you soon!


Winter Essentials: Blanket Scarf

Hi guys! I hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving and is looking forward to the holiday season! Even though I have already started my gift guides, I wanted to still continue how to style my winter essentials. Today I get to share with you what I think is my all time favorite winter essential…

T    H    E        B    L    A    N    K    E    T        S    C    A    R    F

I love wrapping one of these around me during the cold month and keep nice and warm with it. I was once told that I was too petite to wear blanket scarfs but here I am to say screw that I’m going to continue wearing them!

So without babbling too much,

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Men’s Gift Guide 2017

Hi guys! Today I am kicking off my gift guide for the 2017 holiday season! I figured to start off with men because sometimes they can be the hardest to shop for. I tried to pull things for different type of men (tech lovers, homebodies, sporty, comfy, ect..). So I bring to you my…

M    E    N    S        G    I    F    T        G    U    I    D    E        2    0    1    7

lets go

mens gift guide

1 Google Home

2 Adidas Sneakers

3 Pajama Set

4 Beeropoly

5 Ugg Slippers

6 Cozy Sweater

These are just a few suggestions on what to get any man in your life! I hope you guys enjoyed and be sure to keep an eye out for my women and pet gift guide coming soon!

I’ll talk to you guys soon