Porch Decor: How To

Hi Guys! By now I am sure you know my love for fall…and probably understand it completely. But I think one of my favorite things during fall and fall-ifying everything around me and making it look all cozy and warm. The inside of our house screams fall…I may have five or six candles burning right now between three rooms…I swear I don’t have a problem. I have been so excited to decorate the outside though because I couldn’t wait to bring you…

F    A    L    L        P    O    R    C    H        D    E    C    O    R

fall porch decor

…and I just wanted to decorate the porch. Everything has a story on the porch and I love that. It took me forever though to find the perfect garland for outside but once I did, it was complete (btw…Michaels is having a great sale on all things fall right now)

But…lets get into it

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Friday Fives 10.13.17

Hi guys! Today I am back with another Friday Fives sharing with you what I have been loving this week. I decided to change things up a little and start breaking things into categories and sharing more of what I have been loving besides just fashion and makeup. So today I bring to you:

F    R    I    D    A    Y        F    I    V    E    S        1    0    .    1    3    .    1    7

I think they weeks have been just d r a g g i n g by and I think that is because I have been waiting around for the cooler weather to be consistent and also for the start of the holiday season! Fingers crossed that this was the last week of hot, humid temperatures and from here on out it will be Fall. But, before getting off topic too much and rambling on how much I love the season…

Lets get into it

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Fall Harvest Soup

Hi guys! I have such a great recipe to share with you guys and I am so proud of myself for it. After Rob and I went apple picking we were left with sooo many apples. I originally was just going to make a side for dinner mixing the apples with some sweet potato but, I thought of something better….

F    A    L    L        H    A    R    V    E    S    T        S    O    U    P


I am not one for soup but this is delicious! It is a nice hearty meal to have on a cold fall evening after being outside all day. Plus, it makes enough for an army so you will have plenty to reheat throughout the week or freeze for a later date. I can’t wait to go grab another bowl of it so,

Lets go

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Upcycling Faux Pumpkins

Hi guys! I know I just talked about pumpkin picking but, I know there are some people out there who would prefer to have faux pumpkins (I know I know but hear me out on this one). I understand it…they can be used year to year so you don’t have to buy pumpkins every year and you also don’t have to worry about them dying. You can purchase them whenever you want and they will last you all season without going moldy or falling in on itself.

But, some of the faux pumpkins are just meh. I mean they are nice and all but isn’t it fun sprucing up the real pumpkins? That is why today I am bring to you…

U    P    C    Y    C    L    I    N    G        F    A    U    X        P    U    M    P    K    I    N    S

This was such a fun DIY and I think it came out so well! I love how easy it is to customize and make how you want. Plus, they can stay out all season long! So…

Lets get into it

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Friday Fives: 10.6.17

HAPPY FRIDAY! Are the weeks going by s l o w l y for anyone else? I swear for the last month when Tuesday comes along I always think it is Friday (and let me tell ya…that really messes up the rest of the week and your mindset).  Since this week was soooo long, I had a lot of time to find some things that I truly have been loving this week. You can already tell by the title, but today I will be talking about my…

F    R    I    D    A    Y        F    I    V    E    S

Lets get into it

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Cinnamon Banana Granolameal

Hi guys! Today I am sharing with you a simple breakfast recipe that takes no more than five minutes to make (so really, there is no excuse to not have breakfast). All my life I have tried so hard to like oatmeal but for some reason…I don’t. I’m not sure if it’s the texture or just the way it tastes but to me…bleh. Randomly one morning I decided to try an alternative to oatmeal (because I was cold) and I discovered you can use granola for oatmeal! I’m not sure why it works…or why I like it but still hate oatmeal…but hey, I’ll take it. I found a great way to dress it up as well….

C   I   N   N   A   M   O   N       B   A   N   A   N   A       G   R   A   N   O   L   A   M   E   A   L


See what I did there…granolameal (I’m so funny, haven’t you figured that out already?) Like I said, this is super quick to whip up and tastes amazing. You can also turn this into overnight oats or pack it on your way out the door and heat it up at work for a nice warm pick me up when you get there. So what are we waiting for?

Lets go

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The BEST Banana Bread

Hi guys! I am sharing something super exciting on the blog today! Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE banana bread….and I LOVE chocolate. So, why not combined the best of both worlds to create:

C   H   O   C   O   L   A   T   E       M   A   R   B   L   E       B   A   N   A   N   A       B   R   E   A   D


I’m not sure why I never thought of this before but it is so delicious and makes me so happy in the morning (or at night). It is super easy to whip up (like when football is on and you don’t really care to watch) and it comes out beautifully. There really is no way to mess up the design of this actually.

Let’s do it

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Instagram Roundup: September

Hi guys! I can’t believe that September is officially over and October has started today! Happy October! I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite outfits from September to maybe give you some fashion inspiration for October. Fall is my favorite time of year so I am sure next months roundup is going to be insane…I’ll try not to have it be though.

I   N   S   T   A   G   R   A   M       R   O   U   N   D   U   P   :   S   E   P   T   E   M   B   E   R

let’s go

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Fall Essentials: Girlfriend Jeans

Hi guys! Today marks my last post of breaking down my fall essentials and showing you how I style them. Don’t be too sad, I am sure that we can find other things to be excited about in these coming months! Now before we get into today’s post let me just say, I have always been a tried and true, ride or die, always faithful skinny jean lover. Even when I am bloated and feel yucky, I am in skinny jeans. But then something happened. All the cool kids started wearing boyfriend jeans and while I did try those out, I don’t seem to love them as much as I love

G    I    R    L    F    R    I    E    N    D        J    E    A    N    S

There is just something about them that makes me love them, possibly even more than my skinny jeans. I think I like the fact that they are the perfect in between for skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. With girlfriend jeans, I don’t feel sucked in like I do with skinny jeans and I don’t feel like a sack like I do with boyfriend jeans. I’ve been loving figuring out how to style them,

Lets get into it

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