Holiday Outfit Ideas

The holiday season is my favorite season of the year! All the cheer and togetherness with family and friends always makes me happy. Want to know another thing that makes me happy? Being able to get all dressed up for holiday gatherings! The sparkles, textures, and colors always put me into the festive spirit right away but, it can be stressful deciding what to wear. That’s why today I have put together four outfits to help inspire you!


I love incorporating red into any of my holiday looks. I’ve wanted a red plaid skirt for so long with the holiday season in mind and I finally was able to find this one from Hollister. With the skirt, I was able to incorporate pieces I already owned to come up with this look perfect for a holiday party! I wore this to my boyfriends family holiday party and it was the first time meeting a lot of his extended family so I wanted to make sure I dressed up and looked in the holiday spirit!


Coat and Blouse- Ann Taylor, Skirt- Hollister, Heels-Marshalls, Purse- Anne Klein

Mistletoe is another favorite for me in the holiday season. This is the first Christmas in our house so I made sure we had some mistletoe hanging up in an easy to access area. A bodysuit is perfect for this time of year, especially if it is loose fitting. Not only will it hid the food baby I am sure to have during the holidays and I don’t have to worry about it coming untucked when I am playing with the babies in my family.


Bodysuit- Abercrombie, Pants- American Eagle, Boots- Steve Madden, Earrings- Lord and Taylor

Of course the holidays are in the winter and in New Jersey, that means cold. I added three way you could warm this look up during the holiday season:

This is a cozy, more appropriate, look for Christmas’s in New Jersey. The sweater actually has a layer of lace the peaks out at the bottom but I tucked that into my jeans so it wouldn’t be seen. I love sweaters that are able to fall off the shoulder a little bit still be able to stay up so things are not exposed (this is a family holiday after all). This sweater is also cute with a lacy bralette peaking out from the top!


Sweater- Hollister, Jeans- American Eagle, Choker- WalMart, Heels- BCBG

This is probably my favorite look, and no not because I also have Prosecco! I love velvet for the holiday season and the dark red of the skirt is perfect! There’s also bronze studs along the top of the skirt and there are pockets; who doesn’t love pockets on dresses and skirts? The skirt is also stretchy so I can eat and not be uncomfortable. The boots also have a low stacked heel so they aren’t hard to walk in. This would be perfect if you are having a holiday party with your friends; and it is always wine o’clock.


Top- Windsor Stores, Skirt- Abercrombie, Boots-Steve Madden, Glass and Print- Home Goods

To make these looks even more comfortable by switching out the heels with either ballet flats or flat boots for added warms. I can’t wait to wear all of these looks in the coming week! What was your favorite look and what will you be wearing for the holidays? Leave a comment below!


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