10 Things you Didn’t Know About Me


Today I thought I would do a fun 10 Things you Didn’t Know About Me post! This was actually harder than it seemed like it would be…

  1. Being in the kitchen is one of my favorites places to be in the house, especially if I’m baking. My favorite memories are being in the kitchen with my grandma and mom during the holidays watching them cook and bake and helping them with whatever I could do (before getting kicked out and then my grandpa would have to entertain me). I can’t wait to start integrating baking into the blog!
  2. I originally was accepted into college for photography, I was even accepted to an art school before I even applied based off of my portfolio. I wanted to become a fashion photographer but then got scared after being told that I would never have a job so I switched majors. I actually had three majors during college; fine arts, switched to equine studies before I even attended, then switched and stayed with business before my sophomore year.601100_10151916315193855_1449305206_n
  3. Three months after graduating I was offered to come back to my college and work as an admissions counselor. I am able to combine my love of horses and helping people. I never would have thought I would have loved being an admissions counselor as much as I do and I even get to do the social media for my office.
  4. If I wasn’t in admissions I would hope I would be in fashion or social media in some way, that’s my dream and my passion. I also always loved the idea of being a makeup artist, which my dad told me I had to get a degree first and then I could go for that schooling…I’ve never been able to actually do that.
  5. My job makes one thing in my life extremely easy when I am not traveling: being able to ride my horse 5-6 days a week. I started riding when I was going into high school and I haven’t walked away since. I’ve had two horses in my lifetime; my first one being Reed who was the love of my life, and the second one being Beau who has taught me more than any other horse has. I could have never imagined my life without Reed and continuing to ride without him but, sitting on Beau and riding him on that cool sunny May day, I couldn’t imagine walking away from riding and not owning Beau. As much as he is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what my trainer and I wanted,  he is exactly what I needed.
  6. I love 80’s movies more than any other movie there is. Ferris Bueller and The Breakfast Club are two of my favorite movies of all time. I will never forget the first time I watched either of them; Ferris Bueller with my dad and The Breakfast Club by myself in a Motel 6 in NY on my first trip alone scared to death that I was going to die.
  7. You know when they tell you that when you aren’t looking for it, you’ll find love? I never thought that was true until I met Rob. I pretty much came to the realization that I was never going to get married, and I was okay with that I had wine! But then I met Rob and the second I saw him I knew that not only was I screwed, but my heart had found its match. I hate being mushy but he is the love of my life, and calls my horse his son.15135801_10154374480213855_3984435465233003287_n
  8. 2016 was a big year for me, I moved out of my parents house for the first time and moved in with Rob. Besides my roommates in college, I had never lived with anyone that wasn’t family. Lucky for me, Rob had bought a house that was only 10 minutes from my parents. So, when I was sick all last week, I was still able to go home everyday and have my mom there to take care of me.14485173_10154222611723855_7857718851330833408_n
  9. I HATE exercising. You may think that’s funny because I use to run track and I ride (and that is a hard workout so screw you if you don’t think it is). The best moment was when the 5k a few weeks ago was canceled due to the weather. Of course I still have to run in (new date of death: February 4th) and I should be happy because I have more time to prepare. But am I preparing? No. Unless you count sitting on my butt reading a book preparing, then in that case yes I am preparing.
  10. As much as I talk about loving wine (and champagne), I really don’t like drinking that much. I hate the feeling I get when I’m drinking and the next time. And not even the hungover feeling, my body hurts and it makes my joint pain flair up. But I still have a glass every now and then because, wine.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me and I will talk to you all on Thursday!


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