December Favorites


I love December between the holidays, getting a week off from work, and all the together time I get to have with the ones I love. I also found a lot of products this month that I love and today I am going to be sharing them with you!

  1. I’ve been loving stationary this month! I always love writing lists and writing things down to help me stay organized. Recently I’ve been loving this notepad from Personally Preppy that Rob got me for Christmas! He had it personalized to say my name and also have a horse and rider jumping because he is the best. I’ve also been loving this mini portfolio from Target. It has a small notepad inside as well as two little pockets that you can keep other lists in, business cards, or anything else you need to hold. It also has a spot on the side to hold your pen so everything stays nice and handy. I’ve also been loving this agenda that I got from Home Goods. In the front it has all the months so you can see them at a glance and then it goes week by week after that. There is even a section to write down notes and important dates.


    Portfolio- Target Stationary- Personally Preppy Agenda- Home Goods

  2. I’ve always loved tea, but I especially love tea during the winter time and when I am sick. In December, I especially loved Stash’s White Christmas, Sleepytime Throat Tamer, and the original Sleepytime tea. It could be a totally mental thing but whenever I have drink it before bed, I do find myself sleeping better and staying asleep longer. The throat tamer version of the tea really helped my throat feel better whenever I drank it.
  3. To not only help hydrate my skin, but also help myself mentally, I’ve been using face masks. I try to do 3-4 a week and there have been four that I have been in love with. I love the aspect of peeling off a mask, there is something so satisfying about it, so I have been loving Freman Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Peel-Off Mask. I also have been loving Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee. The Mask of Magnaminty is very minty smelling and give a nice tingle to the skin. If you aren’t a fan of coffee, then the Cup O’ Coffee one may not be for you. It does have a strong smell of coffee and when you rinse it off, you do get the taste of coffee in your mouth.  e.l.f.’s Hydrating Bubble Mask is also another one of my favorites. It does the opposite of the bubble masks you’ve been seeing on the internet that bubble up and then you push and massage into your pours. The second it touches your skin, it starts to bubble and when the bubbles start to disappear, thats when you know it is time to rinse it off. All of the masks have been leaving my face hydrated and so soft.There is just something about curling up with a face mask and glass of wine that I love after a long day.


    Lush- Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee e.l.f.- Hydrating Bubble Mask Freeman Beauty Infusion- Revitalizing Peel-Off Mask

  4. I’m not sure if my mom knew that I was going to get sick since everyone and their mother was sick, but she put Burt’s Bees Honey Throat Drops in my stocking and they have come in handy this month. They surprisingly made my throat feel better and they tasted so good as well.
  5. There are a few makeup products that I have been loving this month as well and they all are Maybelline! I’ve been loving their Blushed Nudes pallet. For some reason, I love burgundy, pink, and bronze shades for my eyes and this pallet has it all. I love using the white to highlight meaner corner and my brow bone. I also have been loving the burgundy shade and bronze shades for my eyelids and the dark brown shade with burgundy flecks to smudge into my upper lash line as a smoked out eyeliner look. I also have been loving their Fit Me! foundation sticks. I’ve been using Ivory for all over my face by putting it in the center and blending out to create a natural look and then Buff Beige to contour my cheekbones, forehead, and nose. I’ve also been using their Master Stroking Stick in Iridescent as a highlight. You can set all of these with powder or leave it on its own.


    Maybelline- The Blushed Nudes pallet Maybelline- Fit Me! Foundation sticks in 115 Ivory and 130 Buff Beige Maybelline- Master Strobing Stick in 100 Light/Iridescent

  6. I use to read all the time but recently just got back into it. For Christmas Rob got me The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins! I wasn’t able to put it down, which is why I finished it in two days (I could have finished it in one day but apparently Rob thought I needed my sleep since I was sick…lame). I didn’t expect the ending at all and it kept me guessing the entire time. Characters that you felt bad for in the beginning you end of hating by the end it was so well written! I can’t wait to see the movie now.
    dsc_0004What did you love during the month of December? Leave a comment below letting me know and I will talk to you soon!

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