A Weekend Getaway of Concurring Fears


For Robs birthday I wanted to do something special for him since he always is doing special things for me. I know he has always wanted to go skiing, and so have I, but neither of us had gone before. I decided this was the best idea to book a night trip to Shawnee Mountain with skiing lessons included so at least if I died, there was an instructor there that could lie and tell everyone I was a natural (which I was but that’s not the point) and died in some heroic way. So on Sunday Rob and I (over) packed up and headed out on our journey of alcohol, forgetting underwear, and skiing.

Check-in at Shawnee Inn wasn’t until 4pm so we knew we had time to do other fun things on our way there; this ended up being a good thing because of course one of us forgot to pack underwear and we had to stop at the outlets (that someone was me in case anyone was wondering on who it might have been). On our way there we stopped at a winery that not only had great wine but they made a FANTASTIC Moscow Mule. Like really good. Really really good. Who would have thought to use apple pie vodka and ginger ale instead of regular vodka and ginger beer? Mountain View Vineyard, Winery, and Distillery that’s who. We also got chocolate and cheese with our wine and vodka samples that paired well with whatever we were tasting…I will never turn down free food especially if it is cheese and chocolate. Next stop for us was Barley Creek Brewing Company (since it is right next to the outlets). We have been here before and they make a great salted caramel hot chocolate and their cheese platter is pretty amazing as well.


When we finally got to the inn it was beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. It was misty and foggy all day so that just added to the atmosphere and the beauty of the inn. The inn is right along the Delaware River which added to the beauty. After settling in our room (and taking pictures in the semi creepy wall of mirrors behind out bed), we decided to venture out and walk around the property. We were so excited for smores that night, but I guess due to the rain they were cancelled and we were disappointed. But that just meant we could get into bed early to have a full nights sleep before venturing out onto the slopes.

When we finally did get to the mountain the next day, we both were nervous. Like really nervous. Luckily I did purchase the package that came with not only rentals and lift tickets, but also a lesson. After filling out paperwork and getting our equipment (we already had the snow pants and goggles), we finally were heading out onto the slopes to learn how to ski. Our instructor was great! He had so much experience (which made me feel calmer once learning that some of their instructors are just learning to ski as well) and was patient with teaching us. We started out with the basics; going over the equipment, learning how to put the skis on, and going over a little what we were going to be doing. I think the only downside was that we were skiing on ice and not actual snow which did make the experience a little intimidating (I felt like we were moving faster than we should have been but then again what would I know). Skiing really is a workout and the boots hurt…a lot. I still have bruises on my shins from them. I quickly learned though that horse back riding translates easily into skiing so that did help me a lot along the way. Without even realizing it, we were going further and further up the hill and gaining confidence every time we would come down the hill.


After about an hour our lesson was done and we were left to our own devices to do whatever we wanted. Of course we felt overly confident that we could go down the full hill (I think it was the bunny slope but if that was their bunny slope, it was scary!) We went up the magic carpet, something I needed help getting onto, and before we knew it we were at the top of the hill. I let Rob go down first because I’m so nice (mainly because I was scared but we will go with I’m nice) and then it was my turn. I panicked…I panicked hardcore at this point and forgot everything. I forgot how to turn, I forgot how to breath, and I blacked out (not really but it felt like I should have). I felt like I was going down the hill at top speed and I would never be able to stop and I was just doing to die. But then all of a sudden I remembered I could control my speed with turning and I started to turn and instantly slowed down. As I got closer to Rob, I still felt like I wasn’t going to stop (not like I screamed out to him or anything…) but then before I knew it, I was standing next to him. And then I broke down. He asked if I wanted to go down again but then when he looked at me he realized the answer was a hard no. I was shaking and tearing up. I just wanted to curl into a ball. I’m not sure what was so scary about it, but it was really scary going down. I think everything being iced over didn’t help. Rob was done at that point too (in his words, “Neither of us died so lets not chance anything”).


When we got home we both realized we would go skiing again, it was a lot of fun! I’m proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone but I think the best part of it all was seeing Rob having fun and experiencing something he wanted to experience but never had before. I can’t wait for our next trip!


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