Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Today I am going to share with you five easy Valentine’s Day looks that are quick to put together and most likely you have something along the lines already in your closet. I tried to do a mixture of more dressed up outfits, more casual outfits, outfits for colder climates, and outfits for the warmer climates. You can probably tell due to the fire pit (and wine) that I live in a colder climate but just add stockings and something over it, and the warmer climate pieces would work for me too!

Sweet Romance


Dress- Ann Taylor Loft Heels- David’s Bridal

I love this dress from Ann Taylor and I love that it isn’t the traditional Valentine’s Day pink. The lace detail of it makes it sweet and romantic looking as well and it is so comfortable to wear (I may not have wanted to take it off and contemplated cutting Robs hair wearing it)

“Not so Valentine’s Day” Look


Top- Abercrombie Jeans- Hollister Co. Booties- Rampage

This one is for everyone who doesn’t fully like the idea of dressing for the holiday but wants to add something Valentine’s Day to your look. The red and white of the top screams Valentine’s Day to me, but the flowers and the jeans give it a more casual relaxed look. It looks like you tried but not that you tried too hard.

Cozy Valentine’s Day


Sweater- Nasty Gal Jeans- American Eagle Boots- Steve Madden

This is probably one of my favorite looks for the winter time; pairing white jeans and my tan suede boots with a colored sweater is so beautiful to me. Just like the last look, it looks Valentine’s Day without looking like you tried too hard.

Burgundy Dream


Dress- Ann Taylor Loft Belt- Target Heels- Juicy Couture 

When I first put this dress on I wasn’t the biggest fan. While it is the same size as the other Ann Taylor Loft dress in the post, it just didn’t fit me the same or how it should. Rob was actually the one to suggest putting a belt on it. I admit at first, I only put on the belt to please him and show him that he was wrong that it would look good. Well, I was the wrong one! Adding the white belt to the dress also helped tie the heels into the look without making them seem too harsh.

Princess Valentine


Crop top and Skirt- Abercrmobie Heels- BCBG

I love this skirt, I don’t wear it enough.The same with the crop top and heels; I love it all but I never actually think to wear any of it. This look screams Valentine’s Day to me due to mixing the burgundy and pink together. And the tulle of the skirt makes me feel like a pretty princess (did anyone else play Pretty Pretty Princess when they were a child or was it just me)? I love that the top is high in the front, but has a nice and pretty scoop back.


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