Easy Valentine’s Day Decorations


Decorating for every holiday is something that I was so excited to do when I moved out and into a house with Rob. But, it starts to get really expensive; to the point where I have to decide if I just want to blow through money to decorate, or not decorate at all. But, there is an alternative! Today I have showing you three quick and easy decorations for Valentine’s Day that will not break the bank! Continue reading to learn more!

Conversation Heart Vases

Making these vases was so quick and easy, and cheap too! I grabbed two vases from the Dollar Store, two candles that I already had (but were from the Dollar Store), and a bag of Conversation Hearts that I got at Walmart. In total, this came under $8! The easiest way to do this is to fill the vase a little with the hearts, put the candle in, and then add more hearts around it. This can be changed out from season to season too! During the fall I had the same thing but it was filled with popcorn kernels.

X’s and O’s

This was another simple decoration to make, but took a little more time due to the painting. I got everything from AC Moore’s either on sale or with a coupon. The letters were $4 easy and the paint was on sale for 3 for $1. I did have a 40% of coupon for one item which was used on one of the letters so in total this was just under $16 to do! I painted two layers of the gold on the edges and then the letters got two layers of color on it as well.

Garland of Hearts

The last decoration took me under five minutes to do! I got the paper from WalMart for $3 and I already had the stapler and paper cutter (if you don’t have one, you can just use scissors!). I took four sheets of each color and cut them about 2″ wide. After that I made my first heart by putting two pieces on top of each other and stapling the one end. Then, I pulled the pieces back against the staple. Before stapling the ends together, I added another strip of paper in the alternating color on either side! It sounds confusing, but I promise it is super easy to do! You can also cut the strips in half before you begin you make smaller hearts as well.


For under $30 I was able to deck out our mantle for Valentine’s Day! Each year I’ll add to it as well to deck it out even more. Now, it’s already time to start thinking about how I want to decorate it for St.Patrick’s Day (since I know that will make Rob very happy).



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