January Favorites


Today I am going to be sharing with you guys my January favorites…is it too late for that? Probably. January was such a great month  and I had so much fun! I have a lot of favorites to share with you so continue reading to see them all! P.S. don’t worry, if you don’t want to read it all, there is a video at the end!


For the month of January, I worked out almost everyday. Not because I think I’m fat or need to lose weight (even though I could get in better shape), but because Rob and I were finally going to run our 5k. Now did I actually run before the race? Only once. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because the 5k turned into four miles -_-. But anyway, I really loved my Nikes that I got off of Amazon for about $40-$50 that you can find here. I also have been loving the Reebok leggings that I have from Marshalls for $17 (I found similar ones at Amazon here but seriously, look at Marshalls). They are high rise, which I love because it sucks you in, but they are also so comfortable! I loved pairing them with my rkya sports bra that I got at Marshalls as well for under $10! It is padded and keeps you secure while you run.


Going off of exercising, I’ve been loving my Contigo shaker bottle that I got from Walmart for $4 (similar one found here) that I’ve been using with my protein powder. I use the powder as a meal replacement for breakfast and I mix it with milk (or almond milk) a banana, and peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll add strawberries or an apple as well (word of warning, take the skin off the apple first before you make the shake). The protein powder really has helped curb my hunger in-between breakfast and lunch and is really yummy as well! I think next time I am going to try the vanilla flavor powder.


I had A LOT of beauty favorites in January as you can see so here we go!

I already talked all about my Radha Beauty Essential Oils in my blog post here so be sure to read all about them! (You can find the essential oils here and a similar oil diffuser here)

I’ve also been LOVING e.l.f. products this month thanks to my parents getting me a gift card for christmas. I already had the eyeshadow pallet and rediscovered it while trying out other products. The eyeshadow is so pigmented and easy to blend, I just love it! I also have been loving their Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose (found here), their blush in Blushing Rose (found here), their Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearl (found here), High Definition Powder in Sheer (found here), and Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool (found here). Phew that was a lot!

I’ve also been loving fake eyelashes lately. I’ve been using Kiss’s Ever EZ Trio Lashes (found here). For me these are easier to apply than the whole lash and less time consuming than the individual lashes.

I’ve also been loving Garnier Fructose’s Texture Tease (found here). I use to love this but then used it up and never repurchased. I am so happy that I did! After I curl or straighten my hair, I spray my ends to give more volume and texture.

Lastly for beauty, I’ve been loving O’Keeffe’s Working Hands (found here in a jar). Since it is the winter, my skin gets so dry so this helps it out a lot and keeps my hands moisturized and soft!


I’ve been loving earrings a lot this month that make a statement. They add something to an outfit and dress up a normally plain, casual outfit! The ones from Windsor Store are super pretty and also super light which is a huge plus! The tassel earrings from Bauble Bar (similar found here) are really pretty but are super heavy so I can only wear them for a limited amount of time. I’ve also been loving stacking rings and wearing rings on multiple fingers lately. I normally don’t wear rings, but I decided to try something different in January and I love it!


I’ve been looking for a “grownup” perfume for a while now and I am so happy I went to Sephora. I really wanted to see what all the hype was about with Elizabeth and James, and am I so glad that I did. I love their Nirvana Black, the rose one, and bourbon one. I could’t decide which one I wanted so I was going to see if I could find rollerballs. The Black one was the one I really wanted, but I am always so indecisive, until I found this gift set. Once I saw this, I knew this was the one I should get (found here)! It comes with the perfume, hand lotion (which of course is in my purse because why would I be prepared), and dry shampoo. And let me tell you, if I am ever going to splurge on dry shampoo, it is going to be this one! It left my hair so soft, gave it so much volume, and smelling great (which of course it will, its perfume). I am so happy that I got this set.

A fashion favorite that I have been loving is warm, cozy, oversized sweaters. I love the Knox Rose sweater tank that I got at Target (found here). I got it a size up, totally not because it was $8 and medium was the only size they had left though. I love wearing this sweater tank with leggings and then an oversized cardigan. It keeps me so warm and cozy yet I still look like I tried to be presentable. I also am loving oversized sweaters that go off the shoulder like the one from Nasty Gal that I got for Christmas last year.


Now for my random favorite of the month is office supplies. I’ve been trying to get more organized and I was so happy when I saw these folders at Target by Threshold (found here). I use these to hold contracts from companies that I am working with, or any other information that I need to keep handy. I also love that they are pretty designs because then I actually want to use them. I also got this wire basket from Wal-Mart for less than $2 (description here)! It is found only in stores and comes in many different colors! I still don’t know what I want to use the basket for, but for right now it is holding my folders.

If you want to hear me talk through my favorites, or don’t want to read everything I wrote, be sure to watch the video below


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