Lets Talk About Hair

I get bored with my hair…a lot! Whenever I would get bored with my hair, I would just dye it some variation of the same color or get highlights and be done with it. I would rarely ever take length off of my hair no matter how many times my mom would tell me if is only hair and it will grow back. Now growing up I realized it really is only hair and it really will grow back. Recently, my hair and scalp have been horrible! It just looks dull and ugly unless I do something with it and use some sort of heat on it. That’s when I decided I needed to take the plunge…

My hair was so heat damaged (you can’t tell from the pictures above since I used heat tools) I just knew that I needed to take inches off but I was nervous to. I’ve had my hair short before, but I never actually fully loved it. I could never wait for my hair to be long again. I also finally got my hair to the length that I wanted it to be so this was a HUGE decision (I know I’m dramatic, you don’t have to remind me trust me plenty of people do). So I decided to go in and get it cut…my hair dresser was so excited! I was too but also semi nervous. But once I left the hair dressers I was so happy. She did talk to me about the health of my hair and that I needed to use a heat protector if I was going to use any hot tools, including a hair dryer!

I was SO happy when I cut my hair…I actually loved it, and I was secretly hoping to cut it shorter soon! But, since it was going into winter I decided to wait a little so my neck wouldn’t freeze in the snow. Just from taking the inches off, I noticed my hair already looked healthier than it had in a while. I have been using heat protector (every now and then, really when I remember) and I haven’t dyed my hair in awhile so that it could rest.


Finally this past Saturday I took the plunge and cut my hair shorter and I love it! My hairdresser said that it it the healthiest it ever looked and my scalp looked better than ever too. I’m even having regrowth which is pretty rare.

Pretty much the whole point of this post was to say that hair does grow back. While it sucks having a haircut you don’t like, it won’t last forever; within a week it will be completely different. If you want to cut your hair short than do it! Don’t care what others say (unless its your hair dresser, they probably know what will actually work and what won’t, so maybe listen to them)


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