What’s in my Travel Bag!


Hi guys! I just got back from my work trip and I decided that this would be a great time to show you what’s in my travel bag! Now it does vary depending on how long I am gone/where I am going but, this trip was a longer one for me. I’ve also included some tips on how to save space while packing your makeup and beauty goods!

One of the biggest things I suggest while packing is to pack multi-purpose things. For example, a makeup palette that has eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, and a highlight. Another great thing about bringing an eyeshadow palette is that you can create multiple looks without having to weigh down your bag! I also try to bring as many travel sized items as I can to save room also (like my face moisturizer). I normally also have a travel sized mascara but I need to replace mine and I tried to forget that this trip was happening. When it comes to makeup brushes, I only bring the brushes that I absolutely need, none that I am on the fence about. It may seem silly but, makeup brushes do start to take up room fast depending on how big the handles are.

I’ll bring a travel sized hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash with me to save room. I’ll also bring things that will be thrown out at the end of the trip like my toothbrush and razor. I never bring new ones of those so that when I am coming home it saves some room. I also always use a toothbrush traveling case so I can keep my toothbrush clean and I can make it smaller when nothing is in it. Again, I normally bring a travel sized toothpaste but, the trip snuck up on me (shocker). In my travel bag I also always keep in it hair ties, a scrunchie, and clips so I can do my hair. I never take these out so I never have to worry about remembering them (because I promise I will never remember to pack them). When it comes to hair products, I keep that down to a minimum to save room and I pack one that can be used on straightened and curled hair (like the texture tease spray). Obviously I also bring face wash, but I do steal the wipes from the hotel if they have them as well.

I did bring some frivolous items with me on this trip because 1. I was all alone and 2. I knew I would be bored. But, I tried to be smart about what I brought. For example, the nail file has four different textures on it and I only brought one nail polish color to save some room. I also brought my smallest, easiest to pack face masks so I wouldn’t take up too much room in my bag (these items weren’t too frivolous as I knew I would be in cold, dry conditions throughout the day and that I would need something for my face at night.


And that is all that I bring with me! I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll talk to you later!


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