Forever 21 Haul

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Hi everyone! Today I have a Forever 21 haul for you guys! For my birthday Rob got me an overnight trip for the two of us to NYC in April. Now of course I am way to early to be shopping for the trip but, Forever 21 was having a great sale online so of course I had to participate! Some pieces I love, some I hate, and some I may try to get my mom to take!


Can be found here

I was very hesitant about this shirt, even when I first tried it on. When I saw it online I already thought it would look perfect with my pair of ripped skinny jeans but, what I didn’t really notice online was how bunched up the sleeves were. But, this time trying it on and seeing the picture, I actually don’t mind it and can’t wait to wear it! I may try to see if I can undo the bunching still but if I can’t I won’t be too upset. I’m sure if I sized down it would look like the models.


Can be found here

This shirt I like as well! When I first saw it on the site, I automatically thought it would be perfect to wear to work. The only think that bothers me is that it is very sheer and it has that extra fabric up at the top of the neck. I am going to see if I can either cut that out or trim it up a little to make it less noticeable.


Can be found here

I was so excited for the blazer…so so so excited. And then I got it and all that excitement disappeared. I am always a size small in Forever 21 but for some reason this is just huge on me. If it fit me better I would absolutely love it but I think I am going to give this to my mom.


Can be found here

Right when I got my shipment I put this on right away to sleep in. It is so beyond soft, I am actually impressed by the quality of it. The saying reminds me of Rob and I love sleeping in nightgowns because then I don’t feel as constricted.


Can be found here

This I bought as a lazy day/quick errands dress but I’m not too sure about it. I love the olive green color, I love that it is just as soft as the nightgown, I just am not sure I like how it fits. To me it fits bigger than the nightgown. If anything, I will just use this as a nightgown or when I am being lazy around the house only.


Can be found here

This I absolutely love! Obviously I have to cut the tag out on the side so I don’t look weird. I can’t wait to wear this in NYC when we are walking around (fingers crossed the weather is nice). Their body con dresses have been fitting  me weird lately but a size small fit me perfectly again and wasn’t too tight.


Can be found here

Besides my nightgown, this sweater is probably my favorite purchase. It’s nice and light weight so it will be perfect for spring and early summer nights! I love lounging around in this and when I went on my trip for work last week, I traveled in this with leggings and it was perfect!


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