EASY St. Patrick’s Day Garland


Today I am going to be sharing with you a quick and simple DIY garland for St. Patrick’s Day! Now I am not the biggest fan of St. Patrick’s Day, it is just another day for me. But for Rob, it’s like Christmas for him! So I had to do some DIY to decorate the house a little in preparation for the day. In total, this took me less than an hour to do!


For the shamrocks, you will need:

  • 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper
  • pencil
  • ruler and scissors or a cutter
  • stapler or glue dots (I know I have tape in the picture…I don’t know why I thought tape would work for this but it doesn’t…just to save you some time)

For each shamrock you will need:

  • 4-1″x 12″ strip of paper (I also used 1″ x 10″ for the smaller shamrocks)
  • 1-1″x 12″ piece of paper for the stem (I ended up cutting the stem in half to make them shorter)
  1. Fold each piece of paper in half (wrong side to wrong side) and then fold the ends in (right side to right side) to create a heart and secure. Continue with the rest of the strips of paper.
  2. Optional: curl the stem around a pencil like you were curling ribbon, so that the stem has a slight bend to it
  3. To assemble: staple two hearts together to make the top. Staple two hearts together upside down with the stem in-between for the bottom. Staple the pairs together to make a shamrock!


For the pom-poms, there are so many tutorials online that explain how to make them so much better than I can . I did wrap the string around three fingers 85 times to make the pom-pom. I do suggest having another set of hands around so when you are tying the knots, so they don’t unravel….just fyi.


To assemble the garland, I taped some fishing line to my mantle (since that is where I am hanging the garland) and tied the pom-poms onto it using the left over yarn. Next using more fishing line, I tied the shamrock to the line and….


Yay all done! Hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy DIY!


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