I’m a Mikasa Beauty Affiliate!


I am so excited to write this post today! I recently was able to purchase some Mikasa Beauty brushes with a one time only 40% off code. I’ve been dying to try out their brushes as well as get brushes that look like this (shape wise) so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I ended up ordering the Mikasa Techni 4 Piece Set which is an $105 value but retails for $90. They were also nice enough to send me the sponge as well as provide dashofstef readers a 25% off code to use on their purchases (provided at the bottom). I’ll be going through brush by brush to explain why I love them so much!

All of the brushes are made of 100% synthetic fibers and features an ultra durable, flexible handle, and a tilted brush head for ultimate precision. The brushes and sponge are extremely soft and feel so nice on the face. The handle is easy to hold and doesn’t feel awkward in your hand and like they said, is flexible (but I don’t suggest bending it too much..because why would you do that?)


Techni 02-The perfect multi-purpose tool. This brush can be used for application of contour product, soft wash of color to the eyelids or brow bone, and easily blends powder or cream eye shadows, face powders, and liquid or cream concealers in the hard-to-reach contours of the face.

I’ve never been one to use a brush to apply foundation, that is until I got this guy right here. The Techni 02 is perfect to blend out foundation! It leaves your skin looking natural and doesn’t leave any streaks on your face. The brush also does’t soak up any of the product so you aren’t wasting any, which is a huge plus in my book!


Techni 06- Smaller brush head allows for more precision. This brush is excellent for application of blush, foundation, contour, or setting powder. This rounded, medium sized brush allows for more even, flawless blending in small areas of the face and cheeks.

I love using this blush to blend out my cream bronzer! Just like the Techni 02, the Techni 06 blends evenly without leaving any marks behind. This is great to blend bronzer to give your face a natural sun-kissed glow.DSCN0394

Techni L2- With a narrow row of fibers, this brush creates a firm, precise line along the upper and lower lash line. Also defines and fills brows, and can be used to define the lips.

I didn’t really know what to use this brush for until I looked at my nose and I had almost an “ah-ha”moment. It is PERFECT to contour your nose due to its size and shape. I can also see using the Techni L2 to contour all over the face if you want a sharp contour. DSCN0395

Techni C2- A round brush with a curved dome tip. Applies and blends product into the eyelid crease, Can also be used to apply and blend products with precision to small areas such as around the eye or nostrils.

For me, the Techni C2 is great for highlighting the smaller places. I use this to highlight my inner corners, under my brow bone, my nose, and my cupids bow. Since it is so small, it fits in those areas nicely and doesn’t place the product anywhere you don’t want it to be.DSCN0397

S100 Lemon Drop- Made with non-lex foam, this reusable sponge can be used wet or dry for blending the liquid and cream products. The tapered tip allows for application of products to hard-to-reach areas while the large, rounded end allows for effortless blending allover the face.

The Lemon Drop was actually sent with my order and boy am I glad it was! I currently have the e.l.f. sponge, and while I will also love my e.l.f. products, this one is just so soft. I used it to bake under my eyes (because of course I know what I am talking about and how to do it correctly….not). It picked up the translucent powder easily and placed it on my face where I wanted it. I never was a sponge person but I think this has converted me!


Overall I LOVE the brushes and sponge! I just love how soft they are and how easy they are to use. These are the most expensive brushes I own and I do not have one single regret spending the money on them because in my opinion they are worth well more. My favorite brush has to be the Techni 02 just because I love applying my foundation with it now…I just feel so luxurious doing it for some reason. Be sure to check out the video to see them all in action!

Now is the time I am sure you all have been waiting for…the 25% off code! During checkout, you can enter STEFANIEBEAUTY15 and you will receive 25% off your entire order! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Mikasa Beauty to check out everything they have to offer. Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you tried!




3 thoughts on “I’m a Mikasa Beauty Affiliate!

  1. Evy says:

    How long did it take Mikasa beauty to give you your affiliate code? Because it’s been longer than the days they suggested and I’m slightly concerned


    • Stefanie Taggart says:

      Hmm I remember getting mine within the time frame that they stated. Try reaching out to who you have been talking to and see if there is a holdup for some reason. Hope it works out for you!


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