Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzy Review!


Hi guys, today I am going to be doing a review on Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzy! Now after doing research, I realized these have been around since the holiday season (which in all honesty, is news to me). But, when I was taking advantage of their whole 6 for $24 hand soap deal and was searching for something to get me to free shipping, I came across their bath fizzy’s. Now I love my relaxation and I love laying in a bath of hot water so I figured this would be a great experience for me.

And boy was I right! Normally when I want something in my bath like this, I go for Lush’s Bath Bombs since they leave my skin feeling so buttery and Bath & Body Works is no different. When I first opened the package, the warm vanilla sugar smell came pouring out making me so warm and happy on the inside. At first glance though, it did remind me slightly of Lush’s Butterball Bath Bomb which retails for $4.95 (Bath & Body Work’s retails for $6.50). You are getting more product with this one though (I actually did the research so yea).

When dropped in the water, it does act exactly like a Bath Bomb does (which I know I shouldn’t be surprised about because they are meant to do the same thing). It was when i got into the bath that I was amazed. Instantly my skin felt so smooth and soft and I was instantly calm. When I got out of the bath, I was shocked to feel how smooth my dry winter skin felt and the aroma in the bathroom last days! There are six different signature scents right now which can be found here. I hope that they come out with more scents because I know I will be spending all of my tax return on these little guys!



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