My Trip to New York!


In a previous post I made mention that I went on a trip and that trip was to New York City! For my birthday this year Rob got a hotel room for us for a night in the city to explore and do anything I wanted to do. Now of course I wanted to do the walking dessert tour but, I behaved and we didn’t do that (even though I am kind of still sad about that). I learned a lot on this trip, like not to look out hotel room windows (continue reading to hear about that story…

We just happened to be staying at the Stewart Hotel which is right across from Madison Square Garden and the Rangers just happened to be playing that night (and they won!) so I already knew that it was going to be a good trip. I don’t have any pictures of the hotel but it was fancy and modern! Rob booked the trip on a travel site and ended up having to change the dates because he accidentally booked for Easter weekend. When we went to check in though, apparently the travel site never conveyed that information to the hotel so they didn’t have our reservation for that day. Skip ahead over some internal panics happening on both of our parts and we were up in the room.

We decided to go see the World Trade Center and bought tickets to go up to the top but before we did that, we made the mistake of looking out of our window… I just came out of the bathroom and saw Rob with the weirdest look on his face. All he said to me was that I needed to come look out the window because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing (what he really meant was that if he had to see it, I had to see it also). So naive me looked out and saw this guy laying on his bed in front of his WIDE OPEN windows naked and playing with himself. Naturally I screamed and made Rob close our window.

After being scared for life, we finally made it to the World Trade Center and for anyone who has the chance to go, I highly suggest it. I won’t give too much away (mainly because every time I tried to tell my family Rob would stop me so I wouldn’t ruin it for them -_-) but the view is breathtaking. You can see the entire city and surrounding states. I didn’t even realize we were that high up until I saw the view.

We had so much fun while we were there and I don’t think either of us wanted to leave but we had to go and get ready for dinner. We ended up going to a restaurant that can only be described as having something of everything. It had a nice quiet atmosphere which was nice because we didn’t have to talk over music to hear each other and the booths even had pillows in them! Before heading back to the hotel we stopped in at a bar that made the coolest looking drinks.


The bar itself smelled funky and I don’t think I could have ever eaten there or have more than one drink there, but they totally make up for that in how they decorate their drinks!

The next day we went to brunch (yay my favorite!) at an Irish bar (for Rob) and we were the only ones there! It felt like Rob had rented out the entire restaurant just for us to be alone in and the food was amazingggg. I tried to be healthy and I got the fresh fruit cup….with a side of huge pancakes because health is wealth people. Their mimosas were bomb and their tea wasn’t that bad either. But before brunch, I made the mistake of opening our hotel windows. I didn’t think anything of it, what would be the chance that the guy from the day before would still be there? Certainly, he would be at work. Nope I was so wrong. I opened the window and there he was standing in front of his window all naked and proud looking…I need to stop looking out of windows.

After brunch we went to Time Square and I swear if I never go there again I will be okay. I was just trying to read a sign and Cookie Monster started chasing me! I know this is how they make their living and everything but when we were walking through an hour later he spotted me and chased me again! That area just isn’t for me.

We headed over to Central Park (which we go to through Grand Central) and walked around a bit before going to the Boathouse. I really wanted to rent a rowboat and I had been talking about it for weeks before going so Rob rented us a boar! It was so nice going out on the water and just floating around. It was a beautiful day when we went out so of course a lot of people were out rowing along (there surprisingly weren’t many boats running into each other and I didn’t see anyone out there with alcohol which I found weird). The best thing though, there were turtles everywhere!


Rob did all of the rowing…I tried but lets be honest…no never let me do that again. After our hour was up we returned the boat, got our deposit back, and continued to walk around before both getting hungry. Since we got in and I saw a Pret that was all I could talk about! So what was the smart thing we did? Made the minute walk to Pret to get sandwiches. By the way, if Pret every wants to branch out from large cities and go into smaller towns, I will 10000% support that and be there probably every day.


Just as quickly as we got to NYC, we were back home with the puppy resting our tired legs and sleeping. I still am not sure if NYC is for me (I’m talking to you naked guy and Cookie Monster) but it was a lot of fun and I am so happy I went and we did it!



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