How to Survive a Wine Festival


Hi everyone! By now, I am sure you all know my love for wine so of course, I would go to a wine festival. Rob actually found the tickets on Groupon so I do suggest looking there for some fun things to do. This was my first wine festival so I didn’t know what to expect. So you don’t end up in the same predicament, continue reading for some helpful hints that I wish I knew before going!

  1. It is going to be crowded…extremely crowded. Be prepared for this before even going. This one may be a no-brainer but for some reason I was caught off guard. Be prepared to wait in a line and also be prepared to just go for it and hold your glass out to get a sample
  2. Going off of samples…there are going to be small and look like a joke but that just means that you can taste more! (some wine festivals give bigger pours than others so this one might not apply to your wine festival)
  3. If it is outside, wear sunscreen! This will make your day much more enjoyable!
  4. Bring a bottle of water in if you can. Not only will this help when you start to get a little dehydrated, it will also help with the heat
  5. If you want to save some money, eat before you go! The wine festival we went to had food trucks and you know those were probably expensive. We stopped on our way but you can also eat before heading out or bring food in! (check to see if you are allowed to bring food in)
  6. If it is in the park or outside with a grassy area, bring a blanket to sit down on! Standing around in the lines can start to get tiring so it’s nice to have someplace to sit down. It’s also nice to buy a bottle and just sit down and enjoy
  7. Make sure you wear appropriate attire. This isn’t the time to break out the heels and evening attire ladies
  8. Taste everything! I normally love white wine only but I tried a lot of different types of red wines. You paid to get in and don’t have to pay for the samples so this is the time to try any wine you want and see if you can broaden your horizon! (It didn’t for me but still try!)

If you do go a wine festival let me know if these were helpful! Also, if you have any more tips or tricks be sure to leave them in the comments for others to learn!


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