EASY Spring Time Wreath

wreath 3

It is finally springtime and I couldn’t be happier! Yesterday Rob and I spruced up our yard but when I looked at our house I noticed that something was missing. After thinking about it for a little I realized that what was missing was something on our front door! A lot of the wreaths out there I didn’t like because…1. cost and 2. they weren’t fluffy enough or had enough green for me. So, continue reading to see how I made my own wreath for under $20!

What you’ll need:


  • Wreath form (I used a 14″ wreath and had a 50% off coupon from Michaels)
  • Flowers (I got 4 bunches of flowers and 1 bunch of greens. Michaels was actually having 50% off some of their flowers so it helped to keep it affordable!)
  • Scissors or wire cutters to cut the flowers/greens off

Step 1: Cut all of the flowers and greens off of the stems. Remember to leave enough of a stem so you can stick them into the wreath. For the greens, the stems were really short so I was able to either shove them in or, cut some leafs off

Step 2: Start to arrange the flowers on the wreath! I started off with a basic pattern making each side uniform. Once the whole wreath was covered with the pattern, I started to go back in with the remaining flowers to cover any sparse areas. For the left over greens, I flipped the wreath over and stuck them in the back at the top so they just peaked over the flowers.


And you’re done! All that is left is to hang it up on your door or wherever you want to hang it! You can always share pictures of your masterpiece on Instagram for when your dog doesn’t care because he isn’t allowed to eat it and your boyfriend isn’t too impressed because his allergies are acting up (he totally loved it…just not an excited I love it)


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