EASY Firecracker Jello Snack

I always leave things to the last minute and a Memorial Day dessert is different. This Jello snack is perfect for the holiday because it is so patriotic! It is also nice and refreshing and a nice break from either cookies, cake, or cupcakes. The recipe below is kid friendly, but you can always make it adult friendly by adding some vodka into it!

Firecracker Jello Snack

  • Difficulty: easy
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Quick and easy snack for Memorial Day or Fourth of July!

Credit: You can find where I got my inspiration here


  •  2 packages of red jello
  • 2 packages of blue jello
  • Whipped Cream (either can or you can make your own)
  • Red Licorice sticks


Directions for Jello

  1. Prepare the 9″x13″ pans by either spraying with non-stick spray or butter
  2. Prepare the jello separately by following the directions on the Jello boxes
  3. Pour each color into its own pan and place in refrigerator for at least 3 hours or until set

Preparing the Cups

  1. Cut the ends of the licorice sticks into 3 strips going down about 2 inches (gauge how far down you cut by he size of your cups)
  2. When the jello is set, pull out of the refrigerator and cut into 1 inch strips, turn the pan and cut into 1 inch strips again
  3. Spoon the red jello into the cup filling about 1/2 the way up
  4. Spoon the blue jello on top of the red jello
  5. Right before serving, add whipped cream on top and the licorice stick

**if you want to make this an adult snack, add vodka into the jello before letting it set


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