Fourth of July Shots


It’s almost the 4th of July and I couldn’t be more excited (I know, I say that about everything). If you remember around Memorial Day, I posted a cute firecracker Jello snack (if you forget, you can find it here). I wanted to do another patriotic snack for 4th of July and wanted it to be something my boyfriend would enjoy but also something refreshing.


My first thought was Jello, because it is super refreshing. My second thought was Jello shots because my boyfriend would love it then (hello alcohol, little does he know I barely put any vodka in but I told him there was a lot…sorry because I know you are reading this, love you!) These were super easy to make, well besides me dumping a bunch and it splattering all over the fridge, floor, walls, and myself. Word of warning in case you do not already know, Jello that is not set yet will stain your skin…so now it looks like I bled down my legs…lovely.

Besides me messing up and spilling them, it took probably a total of four hours to make including the set time. Once they were set, I added some whipped cream and colored sugar and they were good to go! Side not, you can totally top them with Pop Rocks to give it a more firecracker feel. That was totally my plan until I realized 1. it is SUPER hard all of a sudden to find Pop Rocks and 2. I refused to pay $8+ online for a single packet…and that was before tax and shipping!

Firecracker Jello Shots

  • Difficulty: easy
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Celebrate the 4th of July with a festive Jello shot!


  •  Red Jello
  • Blue Jello
  • Vodka** (optional)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Colored Sugar (or Pop Rocks)

you’ll also need shot glasses for the Jello Shots. I got mine at a liquor store but, you can find them anywhere


  1. Make blue Jello according to box and pour Jello mixture halfway into each shot glass. Put in the fridge and allow it to start to set. I probably waited 1.5-2 hours
  2. Make red Jello according to box and pout the mixture in the rest of the shot glasses on top of the blue Jello. Place back into the fridge and allow to set completely
  3. Before serving, top each shot with whipped cream and colored sugar…enjoy!

**if you want to make them actually Jello Shots, add the vodka to the mixture after the cool water is added and mix


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