Haircare Routine

haircare blog post

Hi guys! Today I thought I would share with you my current haircare routine. My hair has never been softer or healthier looking until I started using these products which is amazing to me. Now just because this works for me, doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone just because we all have different hair texture and chemical makeup.

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How I Stay Healthy + Essentials

light one

Hi Everyone! Today I though I would share with you what I do to stay healthy. Now I am not saying that what I do is the only way, 100% correct, or that I am 100% healthy and fit. I love chocolate, baked goods (if you couldn’t already tell), and being lazy. In the video, I included my simple workout routine, fitness essentials that I love, and some healthy food ideas that I love!

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Relaxing Night Must Haves!


If any of you know me, you know that I LOVE a relaxing night where I do nothing and just relax and pamper myself. I know during the summer months, it may be hard to get yourself into a warm bathtub because, lets be honest, it is already beyond warm outside. But, I collected some must haves that will have you wanting to jump into the tub to start your pampering summer night!

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Frosé 2 Ways


Hi everyone! Today I am sharing with you two different ways to make frosé; one more normal and one kicked up a notch with watermelon. I just recently starting liking rosé wine (my favorite being Dark Horse’s) and am over the moon happy about the frosé craze that has taken over this summer. Both drinks are super refreshing and cooling on a hot summer day and are also super easy to make! I’ve made both recipes multiple times and everyone loves them! You can make these intro drinks or get creative and make frosé ice pops!

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Day to Night Summer Makeup


Hi Guys! Today I am sharing with you how to go from a classic summer “no makeup” makeup look to ready to go out for a fun summer night. The best tip I have to get ready fast and not have to weigh yourself down carrying around so many products is to have a palette that does it all. All of the eyeshadows, highlighter, and blush used was found in the Swamp Queen palette by Grav3yard Girl and Tarte. If your makeup has made it through the summer heat, watch the video below how to quickly transform it!

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Easy Grilled Shrimp Bags


I know I usually share baking recipes with you guys but guess what, I can cook too! I know I’m just as surprised as you are. While Rob is “allergic” to shrimp, he always wants me to make it. We usually have shrimp as a treat and with me having half days on Fridays, I figured this would be the perfect time to try out a new recipe! Making these shrimp bags are super easy…all you have to do is throw them on the grill and they are ready in no time! They also taste really good too 🙂

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Simple Summer Outfit Ideas


Summertime is in full swing which means summer fashion is in full swing. With the summer comes heat and humidity (two things that do not mix well with me) and the feeling of not wanting to get dressed because you are going to sweat through everything anyway…probably. But! With summer it also comes shorts, BBQs, the beach, and a ton of other fun things to get dressed for. So, with today’s post, I hope I can give you some inspiration to get dressed for all of your fun summer activities!

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