Simple Summer Outfit Ideas


Summertime is in full swing which means summer fashion is in full swing. With the summer comes heat and humidity (two things that do not mix well with me) and the feeling of not wanting to get dressed because you are going to sweat through everything anyway…probably. But! With summer it also comes shorts, BBQs, the beach, and a ton of other fun things to get dressed for. So, with today’s post, I hope I can give you some inspiration to get dressed for all of your fun summer activities!



I know it’s cliche but in the summer you NEED a red, white, and blue outfit! I’ve always been one to love that color scheme (I owe it to my mama) so dressing for all patriotic holidays is super fun for me. This bodysuit that I am wearing is so comfortable, breathable, and lightweight! But, the best part was that it is under $15 from Amazon! With bodysuits in the summer, you don’t have to worry about anything riding up and causing more discomfort and the high waisted shorts will hide all of your food babies from the BBQs 🙂

Swimwear as Clothing?


Okay stay with me on this one…but you can wear some swimwear as clothing! I say some because there are obvious ones that wouldn’t be too acceptable for you to show up in. But, one piece bathing suits are perfect to wear outside of a pool/beach/lake situation. Just like the whole “bodysuit not riding up” thing that I said above, the same goes for one pieces. I love this one from Target due to the “Firecracker” saying, the low scoop back, and the fact that it actually fits my long torso. Add in some high waisted shorts and faux Keds, and you are good to go! Also a huge tip: if your hair gets frizzy like mine the second you even thing about going outside, french braid it wet! This helps me cut down on the frizz and also when it dries and I take them out, I have perfect beach waves without having to use any heat tools!

Heat on Dates


Who wants to get dressed for a date when outside feels like the inside of an oven when you are baking a cake? I know for one that I would rather stay in than go out on a date but for some reason, Rob seems to want to drag me out of the house for some reason. Loose crop tops like the one from Hollister that I am wearing are perfect for that situation! The airiness keeps you cooler and nothing is clinging to the wrong area when you are already possibly nervous/uncomfortable on your date. Again, add some high waisted shorts (they give me the confidence I need because they perfectly hide the bloating from my Quick Chek sandwich) and you have an outfit! These heeled lace up sandals from Target are also perfect for summer date nights. They are comfortable (once you break them in) and the heel isn’t high at all so there is no struggling to walk in them! All in all, Cappy approves of this outfit for a summer date.

What is your go to outfit for the summer time? Leave a comment below letting me know!


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