Instagram Roundup: July Edition

Hi guys! Today I thought I would do something different and do an Instagram Roundup for July sharing my favorite outfits. After scouring my Instagram (which if you aren’t following me you should, @dashofstef), I pulled my 10 favorite outfits of the month! Honestly I am just excited to do these types of posts in the fall and winter because thats the best time of year for fashion!

July 3rd: I obviously had to dress in red, white, and blue for a Fourth of July celebration (also light a bunch of sparklers at the same time because safety first). This is probably my favorite bodysuit of all time and it was from Amazon! found here And let me tell you about these Old Navy shorts…they are the most comfortable denim shorts I have ever owned; not too short that your butt hangs out but also not too long. (I couldn’t found the same exact ones online but these found here are the same style)

July 8th: I love summer nights where it is cool enough to wear jeans! I love my American Eagle jeans, they are stretchy in all the right places and the high rise sucks you in in all the right places. Rob and I were going out for drinks with one of his friends so I paired these jeans with a silky bodysuit from Abercrombie and these beautiful heels from Target (found here) that people actually mistake for Stuart Weitzman!

July 9th: Can you believe this hat was only $3 at Target (and they still have them in store!) It was the perfect day to wear no makeup and just hangout in a flowy skirt and top. (I found a similar skirt here and similar styled top here). All of a sudden I have been loving the look of flow bottoms and tops paired together!

July 17th: Thanks to getting extremely burnt at a horse show, I ended up with this beautiful dress from Old Navy (found here). It is so light and airy that it is perfect to not only wear on hot days or days where your sunburn hurts so much that nothing can touch you, but it is also perfect for those days that you feel bloated and want to hide yourself a little. I obviously had to pair the dress with my favorite heeled lace-up sandals.

July 18th: I love this dress…like unhealthy love this dress. I had been looking for a floral maxi dress for a long time and couldn’t find one I liked until I stumbled across this one at Marshalls. I wasn’t even looking to buy anything, I just was having a bad day at work and  needed to get out of the office and there it was! (I found a similar styled one here). Just like the outfit before, and ones to follow, I paired it with my favorite heeled lace up sandals.

July 20th: When Rob saw me in this outfit the first thing he told me was that I looked like a bride about to go to her bridal shower (but I think anytime I wear white he thinks that). I have waited long enough to talk about these sandals from Target so here I go: these have been my most worn shoes this summer! They are so comfortable and they have held together exceptionally well (found here). I probably left these shoes at Target 1000000 times until I broke down and got them…I just wasn’t sure how much I would actually wear them but boy am I happy I got them!

July 22nd: For some reason this month, it seems to be the month of me taking risks. I love the idea of flow shorts (similar ones here) but never really knew how to wear them. I always just thought they looked weird on me. Also, don’t get me started at how weird I though knotting a shirt looked on me. But what do you know, if I add them together for some reason I love the look! You can recreate this with any basic top that you have! I suggest using a more oversized shirt so it doesn’t get too tight on you when you knot it and so that the knot actually stays.

July 26th: July has been extremely cool for the fact that it is summer and I should be sweating buckets! I live for Old Navy’s Pixie Pants (same style, different colors found here). I just love how comfy and forgiving they are which makes them the perfect work pant! The sizing can be hit or miss so I do suggest trying them on in store. The shirt is also perfect (similar found here) due to the oversize nature of it. I just loved how airy this outfit looks!

July 29th: These sneakers from Target (found here) have been featured a few times in this post (can you tell this month I have been loving my shoes from Target?) The first time I ever wore them, I was in NYC walking around. Never once did they hurt my feet and they held up well to the NYC dirt. It was a nice cool day so I was able to pair the sneakers with a t-shirt dress and one of my favorite oversized cardigans (found here) and I was good to go for a casual day.

July 30th: This was probably my favorite outfit of the whole month for four reasons: the t-shirt (found here), the flannel (similar here and here), the fact that it was cool enough in July for me to dress like it was fall, and the fact that it was race day and I was on my way to the Poconos! This t-shirt is super soft and it is under $10 at Kohls! I sized up to a medium so that it was baggy on me still when I knotted it. The flannel is the perfect oversize flannel (due to the boyfriend fit) and it also helps that it reminds me of Christmas). Add some sneakers, rolled ripped jeans, and a belt, and you are ready to go to the races!