Winter Essentials: Blanket Scarf

Hi guys! I hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving and is looking forward to the holiday season! Even though I have already started my gift guides, I wanted to still continue how to style my winter essentials. Today I get to share with you what I think is my all time favorite winter essential…

T    H    E        B    L    A    N    K    E    T        S    C    A    R    F

I love wrapping one of these around me during the cold month and keep nice and warm with it. I was once told that I was too petite to wear blanket scarfs but here I am to say screw that I’m going to continue wearing them!

So without babbling too much,

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Men’s Gift Guide 2017

Hi guys! Today I am kicking off my gift guide for the 2017 holiday season! I figured to start off with men because sometimes they can be the hardest to shop for. I tried to pull things for different type of men (tech lovers, homebodies, sporty, comfy, ect..). So I bring to you my…

M    E    N    S        G    I    F    T        G    U    I    D    E        2    0    1    7

lets go

mens gift guide

1 Google Home

2 Adidas Sneakers

3 Pajama Set

4 Beeropoly

5 Ugg Slippers

6 Cozy Sweater

These are just a few suggestions on what to get any man in your life! I hope you guys enjoyed and be sure to keep an eye out for my women and pet gift guide coming soon!

I’ll talk to you guys soon



Friday Fives: 11.24.17

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones and that you ate all the food that your heart desired. Yesterday was a full day in the kitchen preparing the meal and also just helping prepare the house for everyone to come over today. But before everyone gets here I just wanted to share with you guys my…

F    R    I    D    A    Y        F    I    V    E    S        1    1    .    2    4    .    1    7

I just realized that today is exactly a month until Christmas Eve!! I already know that I can’t wait but I also know I can’t rush things blah blah blah. I wanted to share with you guys things that I have been loving this week as well as a little bit about where I am in life now.

So, lets go!

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Cute Pilgrim Hats

Hi guys! Today I have a fun Thanksgiving craft that not only the little kids will love, but so will the adults. This year I get to kidnap all my cousins kids and do crafts with them to distract myself from life and to also be able to force all the kids to like me and spend time with me. I have always loved coloring as a kid and even now as an adult so I wanted to do something that would incorporate that. I also wanted to jazz up their supplies and make it more Thanksgiving like so that is why I bring to you…

T   H   A   N   K   S   G   I   V   I   N   G     P   I   L   G   R   I   M     H   A   T     C   U   P   S


These were super quick to make so they really didn’t distract me from doing other things that I needed to do. Once I figured out a good size for the circle underneath, I was able to bang these out pretty quickly. Not only do I love them but I am sure the girls will love seeing their little area set up with them

So, lets go!

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Winter Essentials: Fun Coats

Hi Guys! Today I am sharing another winter essentials post with you all. Winter is just so cold and blah like that it really isn’t fun to get dressed only to have to put on layers and layer of outerwear to stay warm. Between the temperature, wind, snow, rain, whatever, it really is hard sometimes to wake up in the morning and get dressed. So that is why I am sharing with you today…

F    U    N        W    I    N    T    E    R        C    O    A    T    S

Having a fun winter coat helps me so much when getting dressed. Not only does it add something to your outfit, but it also makes me excited to get dressed because I know that I will be adding a fun layer on top.

So, lets go!

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Fall Makeup Routine

Hi guys! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week? And then it is full on Christmas mode!! I think I may be more excited for that actually. I know it is almost winter but I realized I have been wearing the same look all fall long and decided to share it with you guys today…

F    A    L    L        M    A    K    E    U    P        L    O    O    K


Earrings- Bauble Bar (similar) Sweatshirt- Abercrombie (in-store only)

I’m really bad at taking pictures but…it is super quick and easy and would be perfect to recreate for Thanksgiving since it doesn’t take too much time at all! All the products I use can be interchanged with your favorites as well!

So, lets go!

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Winter Essentials: OTK Boots

Hi Guys! Today I am sharing with you my all time FAVORITE  winter essential. Not only do these help keep you warm but, they can dress up even the most casual of outfits. I just love how they pull a look together and really give it a winter feel. I am talking about….

O    V    E    R    –    T    H    E    –    K    N    E    E        B    O    O    T    S

Heeled, flat, suede, leather, whatever and I will love them! I am even starting to love embellished ones and ones that are not your normal brown or black color. For some reason with over the knee boots, I am more drawn to brown and ankle boots I am more drawn to black. But, lately that has all changed! I put together two outfits to show you just how much they can dress up even leggings and make you look put together. Just throw these on and you’ll be on the door in no time; even on those cold dark winter mornings where all you want to do it crawl back into bed and never leave.

So, lets go!

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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Hi Guys! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? It feels like we were just leading up to Halloween and then BAM it is the middle of November already and almost time for the holidays to be here (I am beyond excited by the way…like I may already have a countdown in my office…). I love dressing up for the holiday season, the family gathering, and allll the food you can eat. I swear I always eat my weight and then some in food and I am not complaining. But before getting too off topic, today I will be sharing with you two…

T    H    A    N    K    S    G    I    V    I    N    G        O    U    T    F    I    T    S

I tried to do one a little more dressy and one a little more casual. Both incorporate heels but, you can easily switch them out for flats, sneakers, or flat boots! You’ll see that both outfits are comfortable which I mean, if you are eating your weight in food, you need!

So, lets go!

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Friday Fives: 11.17.17

Hi guys! I hope everyone has had a great week and are not only excited for the weekend, but also excited to eat all the food next week! I know I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to come but I need to be patient and not rush anything. So to distract myself, I bring to you…

F    R    I    D    A    Y        F    I    V    E    S        1    1    .    1    7    .    1    7

This weeks is a little bitter sweet (you’ll understand why in the first favorite), but it is also exciting! I am excited to see what life has in store for me next but, I am begging, no more bad things.

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Pumpkin Pie Donuts

Hi guys! Today I have a baking post to share with you guys (my favorite) and it involves donuts (my other favorite). I have always baked my donuts and never fried them due to a few reasons:

  1. I think it is healthier (not like donuts are healthy but…)
  2. I’m scared to try and fry them

There I admitted it. I knew for the fall that I wanted to make some donuts and Rob talked me into trying to fry them for the first time. Now I chose the perfect day to do it; while Rob was at a Rutgers game and I was home to burn myself with the hot oil alone and make a complete mess of the kitchen…and have no one there to help me but the dog (side note, he sat on his bench the entire time surveying the yard for squirrels or chipmunks). It actually was kind of easy once I got the hang of it! So I bring to you….

P    U    M    P    K    I    N       P    I    E        D    O    N    U    T    S

Doesn’t that just sound amazing? They were super easy to make and taste delicious. I did burn a few…oops…but once you put it in your mouth you can’t even tell that I did! The cinnamon sugar coating just adds something extra that is totally optional to do. Honestly, I left some completely plain.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pumpkin puree and lets get into it!

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