Buttermilk Falls Experience

Hi guys! Today I have an exciting experience to share with you all! If you have noticed in previous posts I have talked about doing something but then kept saying I would make a post about it very soon…and here it is. Something to know about Rob and I is that we love to be outdoors (well Rob loves it more I think and I have learned to love it more thanks to him) One of our first dates after we become official was going on a hike and it was with him that I caught my first (and only) fish. So a few weeks ago Rob and I decided on a lovely Sunday afternoon to go to…

B    U    T    T    E    R    M    I    L    K        F    A    L    L    S


My brother and his wife were talking about how they went to see a water fall and how there were stairs and you could take to the top of the falls and that it was so pretty. Now when I thought “oh there’s stairs” I also thought that it would be semi easy because how hard could stairs be? Oh was I in for a lovely treat

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Friday Fives: What I’m Excited for in Fall!

Hi guys! Welcome back to another…

F    R    I    D    A    Y        F    I    V    E    S        :        F    A    L    L        E    D    I    T    I    O    N

Can you believe that it is already Friday and that today is the first day of fall???? I love fall with a passion. To paraphrase Iliza Schlesinger said…’to get your girl card you are asked what is your favorite season? Fall. Here’s your girl card, welcome to life of being insecure‘. (she’s my favorite comedian right now and who I inspire to be…obviously it goes my mom then her). I thought today would be a great day to share what I’m excited for in the fall season…and a cute fall quote that I love!

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Fall Essentials: Flats

Hi guys! Two more posts of me breaking down my fall essentials and styling them…are you as sad as I am or just excited to wear them? (it’s kind of bittersweet in my overdramatic world). Today I am sharing with you something new and something different. I normally don’t wear this item outside of work for some reason (probably because I never found a pair that fits like they do). I’m talking about…

F    L    A    T    S

And not just any flats, loafer styles flats. Flats with a pointy toe. Flats with a tiny heel. Flats that are suede. Flats that are comfy. Is that enough description for you? Want to just get right into it?

Lets. Go.

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Fall Essentials: Oversized Sweaters

Hi guys! It is another day of breaking down my fall essentials and showing you how I style them! I know I said booties were the reason for me living and loving Fall, but I think this item is a close runner up, if not beats booties. I just love curling up in them and being all cozy and warm. I’m talking about…

O    V    E    R    S    I    Z    E    D        S    W    E    A    T    E    R     S

And not just any oversized sweaters, cozy and warm oversized sweaters. They can be pullover, they can be a cardigan, it could even be a poncho with sleeves and you can find me living in them! They are also a great way to transition summer pieces (like dresses and shorts) into the cooler months and get wear out of clothes longer (who doesn’t like that?)

Lets get into it!

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Friday Fives

Hi Guys! Welcome back to another weekly…

F    R    I    D    A    Y        F    I    V    E    S

Is anyone else impressed that I have kept this up for now 3 weeks…that’s almost a month! I for one am surprised! There has been quite a few things that I have been loving this week and surprisingly, a majority of them aren’t actually tangible, they are memories that I have been creating with friends and family (aka…Rob being forced to do things with me)

So, lets get into it

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Fall Essentials: Booties

Hi guys! Today is another day of my Fall Essentials posts (here’s the original post so you know what I’m talking about) and I am super excited about todays topic. This certain item gets me super excited for fall and I think it is one of the main reasons I love fall so much. They can go with anything and can dress up or dress down an outfit (depending on which ones you wear and how you style them). Have you guessed what I’m talking about (without cheating and looking at the title…cheater cheater pumpkin eater)

B    O    O    T    I    E    S

I live for booties. Majority of my closet is booties and boots (sorry Rob). They are so simple you can throw them on with everything and be out the door. And, they aren’t for a certain season. I’ve worn them in the summer with a sleeveless dress as well as in the winter with a thick sweater. Like I said, they go with everything. Honestly, I think there is no wrong way to styling them so…

Lets get into it!

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Friday Fives: Fall Essentials

Hey guys! Welcome back for another installment of Friday Fives! Is the weather getting colder where you live? It has been getting colder for a while in my area and it is making me so excited for fall! Since I’m excited, I’ve been eyeing fall fashion and figuring out ways to still wear my summer favorites before fulling transitioning to fall. I figured this week instead of focusing my Friday Fives on my favorite things from the week, I would focus on….

F    A    L    L        E    S    S    E    N    T    I    A    L    S

I’m not saying these are must haves that you absolutely need, but I am pretty sure that any basic girl out there would agree that they are excited about at least one (or all) of my essentials. Throughout this month, I’ll be posting ways to wear these essentials during the month of September so you can be sure to be all fall fashion ready!

So, lets get into it!

  1. Booties


Booties can help transition any summer outfit to fall! They are perfect to wear with jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, anything.  For some reason with my booties, I am much more of a brown bootie kind of girl (I do own black booties…I don’t discriminate). These two booties are my favorite because 1. the details and 2. They look like they can be worn in any season, not just in the fall or winter)

  1. Oversized Sweaters


I love sweaters, once there is even the hint of sweater weather in the air, I automatically get excited and pull all of my sweaters out (if you follow me on Instagram, you would know this for sure). I think Rob wants to take my long cardigans away from me because I wear them so much and then become a child when they have to go in the wash and I have to choose something else to wear. Cardigans and sweaters are just so easy to throw on and go out the door no matter what you are wearing.

  1. Vests


I have never really been one for vests…I just never understood the whole jacket without sleeves thing. I mean I have worn vest my whole life but, I never fully appreciated them until now, or really until I started riding horses seriously and competitively. I started loving to wear vest while riding and now that love has transitioned into my time out of the saddle. Again, just like sweaters and cardigans, they are so easy to throw on and be on your way. They do add a layer of warmth (just not your arms because….duh jacket without sleeves) and they also really pull your outfit together whether you are running errands or going on a hike.

  1. Flats


Just like the whole vest thing, I never really understood the whole flats thing. They hurt, pinch your toes, and the tops of your feet are always cold. But, hear me out on this one. Once you find a pair that fits perfectly, you fall in love (obviously). I love the whole loafer trend that has been going on so I can embrace my inner grandma and I still seem fashionable J You can get them suede, leather, pleather, printed, solid, embellished, whatever! I love how they can dress up a casual outfit and again, go with anything

5. Girlfriend Jeans


I was a true, die hard, always faithful skinny jeans gal. Never did I stray from my beloved skinny jeans. Well, that is until I heard of girlfriend jeans, the sophisticated older sister to skinny jeans. They are just the right amount of being loose while also still being skinny. Now, these aren’t to be confused with slim boyfriend jeans, there really is no comparison between the two. You can get girlfriend jeans in an array of colors with different levels of embellishments and destruction. If you enjoy having a diaper butt (not actually, I’m just weird), you’ll love this style of jeans!

Let me know in the comments below what your fall essentials are and I’ll talk to you guys soon!


Fall Wish List

Hey Guys! It’s getting to that fun time of year where the leaves change colors and there’s a nice crisp in the air aka Fall. I’ve been so excited to start having fall content on the blog so I figured what better thing to start off with than…

M    Y       F    A    L    L        W    I    S    H        L    I    S    T

I adore fall fashion; I would give anything to be able to dress like a fall gal every day of the year. But sadly the freezing cold and hot weather kind of ruin that aspect. I spend all year dreaming about fall fashion and there is always so much that I want for fall. I decided to create a wish list this year of all the pieces I have had my eye on. Some of these things I will get (because obviously, why not?) but I feel like a majority of the things I won’t…someone needs to hold me to that.

The dreamiest wish list there is….

I love shoes. I love them so much that my side of the closet is over running with shoes and they are creeping onto Robs side of the closet (sorry not sorry Rob). I normally love pretty ordinary shoes, nothing too wild, but there is something about this season that has me going crazy. Embellished booties? Yes. Leopard flats? Yes please. Slide on mules? For sure. Ugg slippers? So basic but of course. Need to keep the tootsies warm!

I pretty much just want this outfit. This entire outfit would be amazing thank you. I do have a confession…I have the leggings. I caved during Nordstroms Anniversary Sale and bought them at a price that was still too high and I do not want to admit the amount thank you very much. The silky cami seems to be of Instagram cool girl dreams but it is just so pretty! I also love the cardigan (it comes in one size so it makes me kinda nervous). Have you ordered anything from Goodnight Macaroon? Are they as good as a goodnight’s sleep (I’m lame)

Leopard seems to be my jam for this season. I only have two belts in rotation; a brown one and a black on that also doubles as my riding and showing belt. I love this one and it doesn’t break the bank too much. I’m also a sucker for having a purse for each season and right now the burgundy is calling my name as is the felt hat. I normally don’t go for hats but for some reason in the fall I just want them all.

What are you lusting over for the fall season? Leave a comment below so I can lust for it too!

Until next time,


Peach Moscow Mule

Guys, I have been on a huge peach kick lately. Probably because it is summer (well almost the end of summer and I decided to get in the swing of things) but also probably because peaches are my favorite fruit. I found the perfect drink recipe that mixes two of my favorite things…peaches and Moscow mules! Moscow mules are my jam. I like them with ginger beer, ginger ale, in a copper mug, in a random glass, whatever! (I think the bars get semi annoyed with me when I ask for one and they say they don’t have ginger beer so I say I’ll take ginger ale and then they come back that they don’t have the mugs and I say that’s okay…oops). So today I am bringing to you….

P    E    A    C    H        M    O    S    C    O    W        M    U    L    E

It is so easy to make that you can whip up a whole batch (for yourself) or make individual servings!


So…lets go!

What you’ll need:

  • 10-ounces peach juice (I used Simply Peach but you can really use the peach juice that floats your boat)
  • 6-ounces vodka
  • Ice (for serving and shaking)
  • 2-lemons- halved
  • 2-cups ginger beer
  • Crystallized ginger (for garnish)
  • Lemon or peach wedges (for garnish)

How to do it:

  1. Combine the peach juice with the vodka in a large shaker. Fill with ice and shake shake shake until frosty
  2. Prepare four copper mugs by adding ice and squeezing half a lemon in each mug (or to taste)
  3. Evenly pour the peach/vodka mixture among the copper mugs
  4. Pour ½ cup of ginger beer into each mug
  5. Garnish with crystallized ginger and lemon or peach wedge
  6. Enjoy responsibly!

For the rest of summer I know what I’ll be drinking! I can’t wait to try other Moscow mule recipes for the seasons but, more to come on that.

If you recreate this drink be sure to share it with me! Share it on Instagram and tag me (dashofstef) and use the tag #drinkwithstef so I can see it!

Until next time,